FAMILY LAW: The innocent victims of ‘no-fault’ divorce

by Augusto Zimmermann, News Weekly 1 March 2014

The “no-fault” divorce revolution that spread across the Western world was led in the 1970s by members of the cultural, academic, legal and political elites, in particular by radical feminists who made the case for easy divorce as a means of women’s liberation. By declaring marriage to be an oppressive institution, they demanded “no fault” […]

Canadian University drags men’s issues group through the wringer

Barbara Kay, National Post, Canada

Barbara Kay: Ryerson drags men’s issues group through the wringer **UPDATE: Ryerson administration has confirmed that the university will be absorbing the cost of the additional security for the February 6 CAFÉ event. According to a staffer who communicated with this newspaper on Monday afternoon, after this article had been published, Ryerson president Sheldon […]