highlights men’s mental health issues in campaign The Silent Killer: Let’s make some noise

Finally, we have an admission that not all suicides are a result of mental illness. For many years Men’s Rights Agency has attempted to convince the politicians that the introduction of legislation dealing with family law, domestic violence and child support payments has had a dramatic effect on the outcome on social policies and being valued as essential parents leading to the attitude throughout the court system, the counselling and reporting services and the Child Support Agency

O Say, Can you see the damage they have wrought

Janet Albrechtsen - The Australian

#MeToo throws away the rule book of democracy Illustration: Eric Lobbeck What do you call a movement with no leader, no mission and a bandwagon as big as the internet? A mess. We have come to know it as #MeToo. A year on, and following the Brett Kavanaugh debacle, the #MeToo movement deserves a quiet […]