Men are also victims of home violence

Bettina Arndt HERE’S some good news that passed unnoticed late last year — our official statistics reveal that for the past decade there’s been no increase in women being abused by their partners. That was the story that dropped through the cracks when the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced the results of its 2016 Personal Safety […]

Why aren’t we talking about abusive mums?

Corrine Barraclough -

NO ONE wants to talk about it. Society is totally in denial that women aren’t always victims. So why aren’t we talking about abusive mums? Corrine Barraclough 19, 20175:12pm Abusive mothers are a very real problem and we have to start talking about it to be able to help.Source:istock DID you know children are […]

SBS Insight looking for women who are violent

SBS INSIGHT · 19 hrs · Are you a woman who has had violent tendencies? Have you now overcome those issues? To share your experiences please contact Women Who Hit Men More common and serious than you think. Perhaps the Insight program would benefit by asking for men to talk about the […]

Women Who Hit Men

Chris Norris on a relationship trend that’s more common — and serious — than you think. Briana Morrison By Chris Norris Jan 6, 2008 I REMEMBER THE FIRST TIME I GOT punched by a girlfriend. It was during a fight on a New York City street corner, over a subject I’ve long since forgotten. But […]

Male rape: Men ‘forced into sex with threats, lies and blackmail’ by women, survey finds

By Pat Hurst Press Association - The Independant

 All 154 British men in the survey said they were ‘forced to penetrate’ a female 176 comments Under UK law, only a man can commit the act of rape Getty Images A survey of men who say they have been forced to have sex by a woman claims blackmail and threats were the most common […]

Why aren’t we talking about abusive mums?

Corrine Barraclough,

  June 19, 20175:12pm Abusive mothers are a very real problem and we have to start talking about it to be able to help. Corrine DID you know children are more likely to be harmed by their biological mother than father? Neither did I until very recently. But why am I surprised — and […]

USA landmark case, Michelle Carter convicted for urging her boyfriend to commit suicide

Barbara Demick, Brisbane Times

No matter that she was an hour away at the time, Michelle Carter has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for urging her 18-year boyfriend to kill himself. So ruled US juvenile court Judge Lawrence Moniz in Bristol County, Massachusetts, in a landmark criminal case that could have a wider impact on how courts view suicide […]

Mum jailed for 26 years after killing three of her children

Simone Fox Koob, The Australian

Akon Guode yesterday. The children’s father Joseph Tito Manyang, right, after sentencing. Sudanese-born mother who put four of her seven children into her Toyota Kluger SUV, drove to a park in Melbourne’s outer west and plunged the vehicle into the depths of Lake Gladman will spend at least the next two ­decades in jail for […]

Joey died from horrific abuse ‘because he looked like his father’

Emily Ritchie, The Australian

Joey was just shy of three years old when he was taken into the ­custody of his mother and stepfather. Seven weeks later, he was on life support in hospital. After three days, he was dead. Yesterday in the NSW Supreme Court, Joey’s guardians were found guilty of his murder by a jury that took […]

Mother ‘hated son’ who looked like dad, court told

Emily Ritchie - The Australian

A mother accused of murdering her three-year-old son reportedly told police she hated him because he looked like his father, a man she wished was dead. The woman said she had thought about killing her son because she “loved him, but just didn’t connect with him”. “There was a part of me that hated him […]