Another women who kills almost walks free

Sean Fewster and Hannah Silverman, Adelaide Advertiser

Sentencing of Catherine Therese Collyer sends poor message to other victims   Catherine Therese Collyer (left) leaves the Supreme Court with a friend. Pic: Chris Mangan Source: AdelaideNow WOMEN’S groups are outraged at the jailing of a woman who killed her abusive partner in self-defence, calling it “madness” and a step backward for victims. They […]

The truth about women who commit domestic violence and child murders

Yuri Joakimidis

Family violence has, in recent years, been subjected to a very short sighted restricted analysis that is based on stereotypes of victims and abusers. Typically, the “victim” is depicted as a timid, oppressed female and the abuser is portrayed as a brutish, aggressive male that often assaults or even murders children. But such gender stereotypes are dangerous, and leave groups of people suffering and vulnerable because they do not fit the pigeon hole prescriptions that dominate family violence discourse and support organisations in our country.