Plea to High Court: sex case accuser cried wolf 12 times

Nicola Berkovic, The Australian

The woman who made false sexual complaints sought medical treatment for ­apparent internal injuries. EXCLUSIVE LEGAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT 1:31PM SEPTEMBER 4, 2020 A woman made false sexual complaints 12 times over nine years — about real people, fake people, former partners and her ­employer. She even went so far as to seek medical treatment for […]

Senator Larissa Water’s gender politics versus fair Family Court outcomes

  Corrine Barraclough 27 August 2020 5:18 PM “The important thing is not to stop questioning,” said Albert Einstein. Can we please apply this simple logic to the religion of feminism, which has re-wired human beings to question precisely nothing? You may not expect much sense from Larissa Waters, deputy leader of the Greens. But, […]