Happy Men’s Mental Health Week, discarded Dads

https://www.spectator.com.au/2019/06/happy-mens-mental-health-week-discarded-dads/ Rob Tiller My early years as a counsellor taught me the ‘how does that make you feel’ style of therapy I’d learnt at grad school generally didn’t work so well engaging men. Guys aren’t simply ‘hairy women’ and if life-bettering change is the goal of counselling, men require a different, more male-friendly approach. Encouraging the […]

Teaching girls to cry rape.

Bettina Arndt asks the question: Why are we teaching girls to cry rape?   Why are we teaching young women to cry rape? In many countries, inc luding Australia, feminists are pushing for sexual consent courses to be introduced into schools which teach girls that ‘regret sex’ is rape, that they have a right to […]