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In the Oxford dictionary, the word ‘erasure’ is defined as:

The act of removing or destroying something. (Synonyms of erasure include deletion, rubbing out, wiping off or wiping out).

We hear about black erasure, bi erasure, trans erasure and female erasure. Yet we don’t hear about the erasure of men. The mere suggestion of ‘male erasure’ would seem laughable to most. Because after all, men rule the world, don’t they? Apparently but the erasure of males has surely begun.
Our man-hating world would be an erotic dream to the late Valerie Solanas. Solanas wrote the SCUM Manifesto (the Society for Cutting Up Men) back in 1967, stating that:

The elimination of the male sex is a moral imperative.

Erasure in any demographic always begins by the ‘silencing’ of that group. And the silencing of men is rife throughout the world. The silencing transitions into oppression and before you know it, every son born will grow up — apologising for his own existence.
Men are told repeatedly that they should be ashamed of who and what they are. Men are vilified by the media on a daily basis and taught that their masculinity is toxic. I fail to see how insulting 50 per cent of the world population could possibly bring the sexes together in unity. If anything, it does the opposite of what feminism is trying to achieve — it alienates men and causes more division.
When discussing ‘toxic masculinity’ Professor John MacDonald from Western Sydney University said:

Toxic masculinity’ implies that all men are toxic. Clearly there is such a thing as toxicity in some of the ways that men are socialised, but to suggest that all masculinity is toxic and that all men are violent is completely wrong. It makes it very hard to talk about non-toxic masculinity and the positive sides of being a man.

One only has to look at Australia’s gender-biased laws and newspaper articles to see how much we despise men. We shame them, dismiss them and ignore the cruelties they face. Because according to the majority, men are lesser human beings and don’t deserve the same rights (or funding) as women.

We continually mock men on Aussie TV. A few years ago, advertisers started making men out to be fools and the object of ridicule and belittlement. It became insidious to the point where rarely was an intelligent man seen on a TV ad – he was reduced to an incompetent idiot.
Hating men in Australia is BIG business. It’s seen as something to aspire to.
If you’re able to work yourself into a male-hating-frenzy like the unfuckwithable feminist demogorgan. You can make a career for yourself. You can score book deals, television appearances and magazine photoshoots. You can spit vile, verbal abuse and insults. You can even bully people (less privileged than yourself) and get away with it. But the Sorceress isn’t a bully. No way, Jose. She only got a young man fired from his job for calling her a four-letter-word that as a sex-columnist, I get called every day. But I digress.
Male erasure is a thing! (Even though I’m unable to find the term anywhere via a Google search).
Where are we going with the denial and silencing of men? How can this one-way road paved with incessant man-hating lead to some form of enlightenment?
I mean seriously, what will the fembots want next? Male infanticide like the female infanticide of eighteenth and nineteenth century China?
Or perhaps all boys should be sent to training camps to teach them to be more feminist?
It could be called: The De-Toxic Masculinity Camp and all the Fairfax fembots could star in the TV Commercial.
The slogan?

Send in your little bloke and he’ll come out all nice and woke!

Vanessa de Largie is a freelance journalist and sex columnist who divides her time between London and Melbourne.
Illustration: Pinterest.

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