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Jewell Drury – NSW Senate Candidate

“You will always be daddy’s little girl ‘moo’ and loved to the moon, stars, heaven and back forever,”
“You will be remembered and in the hearts of everyone who met you. Every time we look out across the ocean or up to the sky, we will always think of you as our angel girl” – An emotional tribute by Nathan Katterns, three year old Iyla’s heartbroken father.

Three-year-old Iyla Lee Katterns was found dead inside her home in Orange, New South Wales’ Central West, on the night of Thursday, August 1, 2019.
Her mother, 40-year-old Tamara Gurney was charged with her daughter’s murder.
She is currently awaiting trial.
Little Iyla was allegedly murdered by her mother the day that the Mother was ordered by the court to return Iyla to the Father, after he was given full custody.
I recently met with Iyla’s paternal grandmother and listened as Jo shared the heartache the family are experiencing after losing Iyla in such a tragic way.
There is a huge difference between last weeks domestic violence deaths of Hannah and her children and Iyla’s death.
No political leaders stood up on behalf of Iyla or her Dad.
No interviews on ACA.
There was no call for change to the current Domestic Violence Laws.
There was only …….SILENCE………..
Why is that?
Why didn’t anybody stand for ISLA?
Her Father was repeatedly silenced.
Why is there no outcry or outrage or calls for changes to be made to dv laws when Mothers murder their children?
Iyla was a victim of the ultimate act of Domestic Violence.
Our gendered laws currently only identify men as perpetrators and women as victims.
We need to change our domestic violence laws to identify that Domestic Violence is not gender based.