Two babies die ….. mothers accused!

Family of dead baby in agony

Georgia Clark, Brisbane Courier Mail
A baby girl, eight weeks old was allegedly drowned by her mother.
The newborn’s lifeless body was discovered in the bath at the home on Sedgman Crescent in Shalvey, west of Sydney, by the father when he returned home on February 2.
The baby girl, who police will allege had been in the tub for at least two hours, was rushed to Westmead Hospital, but could not be saved.
It is understood the father of the child found the mother, a 35 year old who cannot be named for legal reasons, in a distressed state in the back yard. She was arrested at the home and taken under police guard to Westmead Hospital for treatment and a mental health assessment.
She was later interviewed by homicide police and charged with murder.
She was refused bail and the case will come back to court on 31 March 2021.

Mum allegedly on Facebook while baby daughter drowned in bath

A seven-month-old baby was left alone to drown in a sink while her mother checked Facebook, and her other children, police have alleged.

A young Queensland mother left her baby daughter alone to drown in a laundry sink while she checked Facebook and tended to her other children, police allege.

Lavinia Alison Murray, 21, is accused of leaving her seven-month-old baby in a makeshift bath in the laundry sink for up to 10 minutes on three separate occasions before returning a fourth time to find the little girl blue and unresponsive.
Emergency crews were called to the Murgon home last Friday and the baby girl was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead a short time later despite attempts to revive her.
Documents tendered to the court allege Murray had filled the laundry sink with water and was washing the child with a pair of underpants before the drowning.
It’s alleged the woman left the little girl on her own in the sink four times for a period of up to 10 minutes each time to spend time on Facebook and tend to her other children, aged one and four.

The mother was charged with manslaughter on Thursday and yesterday faced the Kingaroy Magistrates Court, where she applied for bail.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens opposed Murray’s bail, saying police held fears for her safety after threats of retribution had been made against her.
Defence lawyer Alan Korobacz described the incident as “tragic” but insisted there was a “lack of intention” in the little girl’s death.

“Very importantly your honour, she has much family support, you can see behind me uncles, mothers, fathers, aunties and they all wish to support her if she is granted bail because obviously she has gone and suffered a tragedy and also they want to help her with the other two children and they have all surrounded her with support,” Mr Korobacz said.

“I submit an actual jail sentence would be unjust and therefore I ask that she be granted bail,” he said.
Magistrate Andrew Sinclair granted Murray bail saying there was a “very low” risk that she would reoffend and noting that she had strong support from the community.
“The defendant has no previous history and I see no danger that she would fail to appear or surrender into custody, she has clear strong family contact and her life is in this area,” Magistrate Sinclair said.
“For the purpose of assessing any risk given the nature of how this incident seems to have unfolded, I don’t perceive there be a risk to either of her children, which would make it unacceptable given the matters that have been put in place to assist the defendant.”
The case was adjourned for mention on May 4 at Murgon Magistrates Court.