ALBY Schultz has used his valedictory speech to urge the incoming government to hold a parliamentary inquiry into what he believes is an “endemic” anti-male culture at the Child Support Agency.

Mr Schultz, the member for the NSW seat of Hume to the ACT’s north, was one of three Liberal MPs in the lower house to give their outgoing speeches yesterday along with South Australian MP Patrick Secker and NSW MP Joanna Gash.

Mr Schultz, who was elected to the federal parliament in 1998, also used his speech to take aim at the use of taxpayer funds for “non-compliant” wind-farms. He warned that wind turbines had cost the electricity consumer approximately $2.25bn from the first of January 2011 to March 30 2013.

In a damning swipe at the Child Support Agency, Mr Schultz accused it of denying men natural justice and of covering up male suicide rates. He said the culture of “gender bias” at the agency was endemic and should be exposed under the protection of a parliamentary inquiry.

Mr Schultz, known as a colourful Liberal representative in regional Australia, also paid tribute to the constant support of his wife of more than 50 years, Gloria, and to close family friend Gina Rinehart and her daughter, Ginia.