Parents’ Guide to Child Support – Australia
If you are new to the issues regarding paying child support, you should read the Parents Guide to Child Support-CSA_
The Parent’s Guide to Child Support is an ongoing reference guide for separated parents. This booklet will assist you to better understand your rights and responsibilities and the services available to you following separation.
The guide includes information on: – How child support payments are calculated – Child Support agreements – Common terms and definitions – Payment options – When and what changes you need to let us know about, and – Support services available to you and your children.
 Me, My Kids and My Ex
Advice on how to deal with post separation difficulties are contained in Me- mykids – my ex
 What about me?
Tips and Hints ontaking care of yourself and looking after yourself after separation contained in What about me – Taking care of yourself
 Me and My Money
Practical money ideas. Tips and hints top help stretch your dollar after separation further are contained in Me and my money
Policy Guidelines for CSA
The extensive online publication known as The Guide can be found at
The Guide cannot be regarded as having any legal standing, but is a comprehensive guide used by the Child Support Agency to make decisions affecting your child support.
The Child Support Agency website can still be found at but you will be redirected automatically to the Department of Human Service’s new website at