It looks like another year of gross discrimination against men. Why do they ignore the stats that show 30 -40% of victims of DV are men? Why do they ignore women’s violence and psychological cruelty?

Can they not understand that if you lose your house in a raging fire, or have your house washed away or your crops flattened and stock swept away men also suffer the tragic loss. Perhaps the mother is less than supportive, finding all kinds of reason to blame her husband/partner for their misfortune.

These circumstances are tragic and all family members need support.



From the Courier Mail Qld 1st Jan 2022

DV disaster control

First responders to get special training




FRONTLINE responders to natural disasters such as bushfires will be given training to identify and support women and children suffering domestic violence, fixing a serious service gap exposed by a royal commission.

The federal government will provide $3.7m over four years to the organisation Gender and Disaster Australia to train and provide resources to more than 1000 responders across the country such as the Australian Red Cross, volunteer firefighters and healthcare workers.


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