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Sent: Friday, 5 November 2021 3:41 PM
Subject: How can police better tackle domestic and family violence?

Queensland police response to domestic violence. Assistant Commissioner Brian Codd heading a new DV department.

Acknowledges 40 – 50% of police time spent on DV.

Steve Austin raises difficulty of a woman??  calling police and reporting a fear that her partner may be about to hit her and the police not being able to act. Codd explains the introduction of coercive control in order to ensure the alleged threat does not occur again.

Stats. 120,000 related occurrences last year. Every 4.4 minutes police attending a DV incidence. 28,000 breaches, some orders breached a number of times. 13,500 perpetrators responsible for the 28,000 breaches.

Police claim they no nothing about at least 80% of incidents!

Not a mention of a man being a victim.

Sue Price

Men’s Rights Agency

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