We are asking people to respond to a NSW Inquiry into new legislation dealing with “Coercive Control”.
As I have said previously, the women’s groups think this is going to play out in their favour, but I think men who are victims of domestic (family) violence would be more likely to be abused across the board with the perpetrator using a number of different abuses (regarded as coercive control) to intimidate the other party.
Over the years, it has become obvious to us that women are extremely proficient at demeaning, denigrating, threatening withdrawal of contact with children, hiding money, not paying bills, hitting using an implement to even the odds, pushing, shoving, threats of suicide etc etc.
If you recognise yourself as a victim of some of this abuse or all of it, please respond to the NSW Inquiry into Coercive Control.
The links are
Here’s the link to make a submission
and here is the information about the new legislation on coercive control.
Sue Price
Men’s Rights Agency
Mob: 0409 269 621