Children Legislation Amendment (Sharing of Information) Bill 2017 now legislation.$FILE/581377bi1.pdf
Subject: URGENT- Children Legislation Amendment (Sharing of Information) Bill
                                             -ATTENTION ALL PARENTS AND MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS-
 Please read carefully and send on the material above about legislation just past by the Victorian Parliament which will allow any  school principals and Education department officials to access confidential medical records in order to conduct “investigations” into any parent(s) and children they “suspect” of being involved in domestic violence.

School principals have no qualifications, much less training to conduct such assessments which are the role of specialist police officers alone. These are issues of criminal justice and law enforcement only, concerning potentially serious and volatile situations. It is no place for amateur interference or on the job learning when the outcome may be to escalate the potential for violence or false allegations.

This bill has passed and with the consent of the Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence despite her own admission that she has in fact never even read , much less considered the bill.

It will place all doctor/patient relationships for those most at peril at great risk and expose medical practitioners to potential legal repercussions.
A Bill for an Act to amend the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005 to provide for specified entities to share information to promote the wellbeing and safety of children, to create a register of children born or resident in Victoria to improve child wellbeing and to monitor and support their participation in government-funded programs and services, to make consequential amendments to other acts and for other purposes.

To establish a Child Link Register of all children in Victoria

To enable sharing of confidential information in a timely manner