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– The Spectator

21 November 2017

3:53 PM

A very important question has, so far, remained unasked in the latest round of Bernardi debate.
Furious feminists are seemingly baffled as to why Minister for Women, Senator Michaelia Cash crossed the floor to vote for Cory Bernardi’s motion on White Ribbon Australia. He asked senators to challenge White Ribbon’s stance on late-term abortions in all states and territories.

Given that forty per cent of people in Australia voted no to same-sex marriage, does it not follow that there is a huge amount who wouldn’t support late-term abortions? Wouldn’t there be women among them?
“How dare she?” fems screech.
“Give the job to someone who wants it,” they rant.
We can only presume they mean someone who will support women at all cost to the detriment of everyone else, always.
Isn’t the more important question; is there really a place for such gender bias in a fair government?

Why do we have a Minister for women and not one for men? It is not 1940. Let go of the fake oppression.
Does a government-funded agency have a right to be pro-choice?
Are pro-choice and late-term abortions set to step into the conversational void that the same-sex marriage debate occupied? Will that be the conservative pushback?
Interestingly, there was nothing in mainstream media about International Men’s Day last Sunday, November 19. There was no Google logo change, no support from police forces or leading organisations. Perhaps a Minister for men could have assisted with that.
The painful silence has caused an outcry from the outsiders who aren’t embraced by leftist media. Of course, they are not heard over the rage of Cash daring to move.
Are furious feminists so blinkered they cannot see that Bernardi’s move isn’t purely about conservative politics; it’s about identity politics?
People are tiring of the ongoing attempts to brainwash them with the gendered violence narrative. Why? Because it’s not true and they can read news headlines with their very own capable eyes. Just because the media chooses not to refer to a woman murdering her partner as domestic violence, the public isn’t so foolish that they can’t connect those dots.
Men are not to blame for all violence. They are not the source.
The white ribbons of truth are starting to flutter through society. They are catching the eyes of people who want to know more about why the government is funding organisations who spend millions on marketing rather than assisting victims front line or assisting funding to flow to areas in Australia we all know it’s desperately needed.
Slowly, but oh so surely, people are waking up.
Many want a spotlight on White Ribbon Australia. Many are thanking Bernardi for getting that ship sailing.
One has to hope there is something rather symbolic in Cash literally crossing the floor to the side away from fem-gendered falsehoods.
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