A Brisbane mother-of-two allegedly drove her car at her husband of nine years and a woman she believed was his “mistress’’, leaving the pair in hospital after she caught them in an “extremely upsetting” scene.Kay Dibben

A mother-of-two, who allegedly drove her car at her husband and a woman she believed was his “mistress’’, causing them serious injuries, has been charged with acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm.

Defence lawyer, Kristie Bell, told a court the woman had clearly been provoked by discovering her husband of nine years and “his mistress’’ were having an affair.
The two alleged victims, who had been standing facing each other when they were allegedly struck by the car in a Wavell Heights street on Friday afternoon, were both taken to hospital, a court heard.
Police will allege CCTV captured footage of the wife driving directly at her husband and the other woman, who were left lying on the road immediately after they were hit by the car.
The wife, 36, is alleged to have got out of her car and physically attacked and verbally abused the other woman, before driving away and then returning to the scene.
The husband and the other woman were each still in hospital, Brisbane Magistrates Court heard.
It is believed each has suspected pelvic injuries.
The woman, who appeared in court via video link from Pine Rivers watch-house, has been charged with a domestic violence offence of unlawfully striking her husband with a motor vehicle, with intention to do grievous bodily harm.
She is also charged with intentionally striking the woman with a motor vehicle, with intention to do grievous bodily harm.

The court heard the woman and her husband, who had been in a relationship for 14 years and had been married for nine years, had two children under the age of five.
Ms Bell said on Friday, the woman received information that her husband had left work early.
She said he told his wife that he was going to collect their children.
Ms Bell said on the urging of a friend, the woman went to find her husband and was confronted by a scene that was extremely upsetting.
She said the woman, who would defend the charges at a trial, found out her husband was having an affair with the other woman and reacted in the moment.
Magistrate Anne Thacker said whether or not the case was one where a defence of provocation could be argued was a matter for the future.
Ms Bell said before Friday’s incident there had been plans to reconcile the marriage.
The woman had spent a night in the watch-house.
Magistrate Thacker said the woman, who had no previous criminal convictions, had been living in a stable relationship which had now broken down.
“This is a very serious situation,’’ Ms Thacker said.
She granted the woman bail, on conditions that she not return to the family home or go to the suburb where her husband worked.
She cannot go near the other woman and she must live with her parents and she must report to police once a week.