John Davis with Gender Studies for Men in France has put together a great brochure that discusses false accusations of sexual misconduct – see attachment. On pages 4-5, it provides proposed language for a law to punish false accusers. 😊False-Reporting-Brochure-Perses

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False Reporting of Sexual Misconduct
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False Reporting
Of Sexual Misconduct
Understanding the Myths
Issue I, November 5, 2018
Truth & Myths
False accusations of rape are a gendered crime. There are no known criminal cases
of men making false accusations of sexual misconduct against women. On the
other hand, statistics show that about 90% of the accusations of criminal
misconduct made against men in the US, by women, are false accusations.
Rape advocacy groups will often distort information and statistics about false
accusations to make it easier for women to accuse men of sexual misconduct. Rape
advocacy groups often promulgate pseudo-scientific myths and speculation about
the phenomenon of rape and the prevalence of false accusations.
A careful analysis of official crime statistics, however, shows that criminal sexual
misconduct by men is rare, and, that most accusations of rape, or, rumors about
rape being prevalent, are based on hysteria instead of reality.
We know from scientific studies in the 1980’s and 1990’s that about 60% of rape
accusations were false at that time. With mass media creating and perpetrating myths
about rape, the percentage has increased to 90%.
Some Causes
Revenge &
False memories of a sexual
encounter or distorted
memories from anger
A desire for revenge against a
former lover and a desire for
Financial incentives provided
by governments and other
Anger, rage, hatred of men,
and a desire for notoriety

Download the brochure False-Reporting-Brochure-Perses to learn more about false allegations of sexual abuse.