The Sydney man’s life was turned upside down by the rape allegations.


A SYDNEY man who battled for two years to clear his name of rape and assault allegations has vowed to sue police for acting like “robots” and ignoring crucial evidence.

The man, who is in his 40s, had been accused by his estranged wife of sexual intercourse without consent and assault occasioning actual bodily harm but was acquitted of the charges by a District Court jury.

The trial judge slammed the way the case was handled and said such serious charges should never have been brought against the man, who spent $200,000 in legal fees defending the charges.

He also spent more than a month behind bars until he was granted bail.

Police refused to drop the charges despite being handed photographic evidence — including email and text exchanges — that cast serious doubt on his wife’s version of events.

Judge Mark Williams labelled the prosecution case into the rape and assault charges as “most unsatisfactory” and lashed them for ignoring “cogent and consistent objective evidence” that supported the man’s evidence the sex was consensual.

The judge went further to say the serious charges should not have been brought against him, Fairfax reported.

The man is now planning to sue them for malicious prosecution and has condemned the officers involved in his case.


A court order prevents either party from being identified. The man told it was hard to articulate the “emotional stress” the ordeal had on him.

He said: “The failures as I see it are that there was no investigation … Even the judge said, ‘at what time did you sit down and question her on the evidence?’”

The man accused officers of taking the accuser at face value. “They saw a pretty young woman who walks into a police station, she’s single, she’s a doctor, she’s from the north shore and despite having written a statement completely different [from the one] she made at another station.”

At the time, he was confident that common sense would prevail and the charges would be dropped. His view was the messages between the couple showed his estranged wife in a poor light — leaving investigators, he hoped, to question the claims she was making.

The doctor accused her husband of rape and assault.

The doctor accused her husband of rape and assault.Source:Supplied

But that never happened. Documents disclosed to his legal team showed a senior officer, after viewing the material provided, instead told the woman “we can see what his defence is going to be” and invited her in to make another statement.

He was angry at the officers who carried out his inquiry, who he said showed “cognitive bias” — something he was sure “they were trained not to do”.

“Maybe we should have robots in police stations that aren’t going to be swayed by looks or personality or things like that when taking these kinds of statements,” he said.


“For two years, every day I expected a call from my lawyers to say ‘no, it’s OK, they have dropped the case, it’s false, it’s obvious’. I was expecting that call every day for two years. You are in a permanent state of panic. If she was victorious I could have gone away for years.”

The man told that constant panic “affects everything” in his life.

“I’m a strong person, I don’t have wild emotional swings,” he said. “But there was a lot of times I thought about just ending it — it feels like everyone is just turning on you.”

He said he understood how difficult it was for genuine victims to come forward with complaints of sexual assault and said he was “absolutely an advocate for women” who suffer domestic violence.

“I support that, I don’t want to see this sort of thing brushed under the carpet … But the police did a complete disservice to them and genuine victims, failing them on so many levels when people like [his former wife] make false allegations. All that does is create a sense in society that these women are making things up.”

He said there was no issue with authorities being “hyper-vigilant” around domestic violence. “I just have an issue with them assuming you’re guilty.”


Now the trial is over, he still doesn’t feel like there has been justice.

“We shouldn’t have to take away the rights of men to give women theirs, we ought to institute fair and equitable protection for both men and women.”

When he finally got his laptop back from the officer-in-charge, he confronted him over whether he going to charge his former wife. He was told no one at the station could do that because they had all been involved in the case against him and there was a conflict of interest.

“There are laws in place to charge people who make false complaints, but they tend to overlook gender … If the roles were reversed, I guarantee you they would be charging me.”

The man pleaded guilty to charges of using a carriage device to menace and damaging property relating to an argument the two had in their home. That took place after the man discovered explicit texts on her phone between her and another man in the United Kingdom.

The UK-based man said to the wife he wanted to see a “pic of that p**** please”. During a heated row, he threw her phone out the door and later sent her an explicit picture of herself she had previously sent to him with a message that said the man in the UK “asked to see this”.

Judge Williams dismissed those two charges and didn’t record a conviction.

A New South Wales police spokesman said it would be inappropriate to comment on a court result.

  • frog says:

    If the ignorance of evidence is anything to go by, try my Universities consent program. I pulled it apart and in almost all scenarios, its not rape ! But yet they want that one drink of beer/alcohol to be enough for a woman not to be able to consent.. Thank you for misrepresenting the factual accuracy and trivializing rape. We have a video of a false allegation in our Consent Program as well. I asked them to validate it.. Keep you posted. (I know it is not founded). Anyone can say anything these days about anyone, and it is just accepted without whim.

  • Jedda says:

    I am facing a similar situation. Over 3 years ago I let a family move into the upstairs area of my home as they were having trouble finding suitable rental and hade to move out of their current rental. Their sons and mine were friends from school. Not long after they moved in it became obvious that they were the family from hell. She was a prescription medication addict with a drinking problem. He drank every night and is a suspected meth user. She has a DVO record and an order placed against her to protect the husband and kids. She has a long history of making false allegations against the kids and husband. The police recommended he video her actions to protect himself against false allegations
    I evicted them after 3 months and was harassed by the husband over the following 12 month with text messages such as “there is a storm coming and you are going to loose everything”. and his erratic visits to collect possessions left behind but a refusal to collect everything.
    Almost 12 months after being evicted she goes into rehab(didn’t work) and then makes a complaint to police that I had raped her. Another 12 months go by without me even being aware of this accusation and 3 detectives(robots) turn up on my doorstep and take me away and charge me. Their evidence is her statement. No investigation. No interviewing other people in the house. no investigation into her previous false accusations. When I asked the arresting officer why his reply was ” in a historic case where it is your word against hers we prefer to let the court sort it out.
    I employ a highly recommended lawyer and barriser. Straght away he says this is clearly false” I have seen a lot of QP9s in my time and this just does not add up. Upon reviewing all the evidence that I have about her false allegations including lots of videos of her making very serious allegations against her own family taken by their son to protect themselves, her treating phycologist who labelled her accusation against me as “false memory” We got permission to cross examine at committal.(very rare apparently)
    I urged my lawyer to go all out on presenting our evidence to get this thrown out at committal as I understood this is the whole point of a committal. His stance was that this never happens and that we would be foolish to hand over our evidence at this stage. In fact telling me that until this went upstairs to the DPP that the police and lower court didn’t have the power to throw this out. So we sat on ALL of our evidence and cross examined her,the husband,and the phycologist. We have her trapped into her own lies as well as her husband who both contradicted each other and the phycologist was a joke who said she didn’t know why she wrote false memory in her clinical notes.
    So here I am. I’m going to stand trail.. It has cost me 30 thousand dollars so far.. My lawyer wants a further 70 k .. I cant come up with the money.. I have a good job but just cant raise the funds.. If I don’t pay up within 30 days my lawyer wont work for me. I don’t qualify for legal aid. I cant access my super to help pay. It seems I’m left with no other option than to stand trial without legal representation.
    I’m at the end of my tether
    No wonder innocent guys choose option number three
    Short drop sudden stop

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