Activists attempt to shut down the family law inquiry

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The Spectator

19 March 2020

11:38 AM

While most people have been distracted by coronavirus, the family law inquiry has been ticking along in Australia.  

However, that may soon change.  

Yesterday it was reported that The Law Council of Australia is calling for the inquiry to be abandoned. 

No, this is not because of virus concerns.  

Rather, the council cited concerns that the hearings are “being used for political purposes” to “undermine domestic violence claims made by women”.  

The Law Council president Pauline Wright has written to the chair of the inquiry Liberal MP Kevin Andrews to formally complain about the live broadcast made by One Nation last week.  Wright claimed the live streams ran the risk of “inciting hatred and excusing domestic violence.” 
It’s understood that One Nation asked for consent from all individuals concerned. 

So, essentially, the complaint is that the comments made by the public in response to the live streams were inappropriate.  

The problem with that is, of course, you cannot police people’s thoughts.  

There are men across Australia who have been treated poorly by women.

There are men across Australia who don’t have high opinions of women as a result of having their lives and hope trashed. 

There are men across Australia who use language The Law Council of Australia doesn’t like.  
So, what now? 

“In light of the events outlined above the Law Council believes the committee’s inquiry should be discontinued.” 

That’s right, the Law Council wants to the family law inquiry to be discontinued because they cannot control the public reaction to it.  

Zali Steggall was quick to retweet The Guardian article, writing, “The Family Law Inquiry is an opportunity for us to improve a broken system. I do not consider the conduct of One Nation MPs and their staff to be consistent with that duty. I have written to the chair and echo the concerns of the Law Council of Australia.” 

She added, “We need to ensure the best interests and safety of children and participants are prioritised. As parliamentarians and committee members, we have a duty to be respectful to all involved, especially witnesses.”

That may well be but when you relentlessly attempt to control a totally gender-biased faux narrative, ultimately, this is what happens.  The truth comes out. 

Of course, the Law Council don’t want this system exposed; many would suggest the entire system enables lawyers to drag out actions and line their own pockets. We knew that all along! No one should be surprised that those with vested interests don’t want public scrutiny.  

Family law may well be incredibly complex, but those who are attempting to assert that women are blameless in family law proceedings are the ones who should be cancelled, not an inquiry seeking to get to the truth.  

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