The sordid saga of the four Italian girls simmers and still no-one is winning this awful tug of war. Okay, my involvement with the father, Tomasso Vincenti, was an emotional one as I witnessed his willingness to suffer to see his children.

Channel 9’s 60 minutes last night attempted to stamp an epilogue on this shameful episode but there may never be an epilogue. The wounds remain open and raw while irresponsible media shrugs its shoulders and walks away from the devastation it promoted.

Rupert Murdoch sacked Brisbane’s Courier Mail editor and Leftie Michael Crutcher and others responsible for, among other things, one of the worst cases of editorial incompetence ever seen in Australia’s shrinking Press. 

Media’s Left and incompetence seem to go hand in hand without a care in the world for the damage it leaves behind. 

Readers who were sucked in by this Courier Mail travesty now suffer the anguish of having unknowingly contributed solace and money to a horrific cause concocted by a mother from hell. 

Crutcher embraced an emotional story that had torn a family apart but he chose the wrong side. He didn’t look in the dark corner where every journo should first shine a light. 

The mother, Laura Garrett, proved more media savvy than the editor whose job it was to filter the bullshit that comes across his desk. 

Where was this newspaper man’s missing nose for news? Even the shock jocks (except for 4BC’s Greg Cary) didn’t smell a rat. 

Even Bob Carr’s Foreign Affairs Department ran with the hounds, illegally facilitating this awful tragedy. Yet, in the end, not a single apology was to be heard, just the sound of craven perpetrators slinking from culpability.

One unpretentious and broken Italian father of four abducted daughters sat in an Australian Family Court, desperately trying to find the right words through broken English. 

He was alone in a foreign land against a hostile media fanning public outrage and stoking a firestorm of lies and deceit from the mother’s family, topped off with despicable accusations of paternal perversion. 

Why didn’t someone see something was wrong? Where were the intrepid reporters with a nose for the story behind the story?

The girls are back with their loving dad in Tuscany but something is terribly wrong… their mother is missing. 

A year later she is still here encouraging her daughters, via social media, to hate their father.

Tomasso encourages the girls to have daily contact with their mother despite the unsettling sessions laced with bile and hatred. He understands the importance of maternal contact no matter what the cost. Reciprocation is a word unfamiliar to the mother. 

Why didn’t Laura Garrett return to Italy with her daughters? The judge suggested she would naturally do that, but she didn’t! I know why she didn’t, but that’s an unrelated story and beyond Tomasso’s control. 

He doesn’t want her back but he understands how much his daughters do. Tomasso holds no bitterness as he tries to rebuild disenfranchised lives.

A good parent would surely risk a few lousy months in jail (more than likely a suspended sentence) to be with her children? 

Tomasso would, I would, I think most parents would.