How No-Fault Divorce Empowers the State (and Destroys Freedom)

The New Politics of Sex

The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties,  and the

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Stephen Baskerville, PhD

Ruth Institute’s Summit on “Survivors of the Sexual Revolution”


Conservative family and Christian groups are finally getting serious about confronting the astounding scandal of “no-fault” divorce and connected abuses of government power: the most direct threat not only to the integrity and survival of the family but also to the freedom and civil liberties of every American citizen, if not every citizen in the Western world. Last weekend, the Ruth Institute held a summit on “Survivors of the Sexual Revolution.” I gave a keynote address on “How No-Fault Divorce Empowers the State”. Many other interesting speakers can also be heard here. Great credit is owed to Dr Jennifer Roback Morse and the staff of the Ruth Institute for a superlative and groundbreaking event.
This video can only scratch the surface of how we are now experiencing the fallout from this mind-bogglingly reckless experiment in social and legal engineering. Not only the proverbial “future generations” but informed people here and now are already aghast that any society could undertake such a foolhardy venture into civilizational suicide as the oxymoron of “no-fault” justice (in any field of endeavor, let alone one so basic as the family). If this makes you appropriately ill, more material can be found in my books, Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family (2007), and more largely in The New Politics of Sex (2017).


Britain: Divorced From Justice


Oblivious to all this, the justice ministers of both Britain and Ireland are ironically endeavoring to perpetrate the same mischief there. I recently wrote this piece for Virtue Online, a popular Anglican newsletter. Here is the lead-in:
The divorce industry is out in force in Britain: proposing reforms that no one is demanding to a problem about which no one is complaining. Justice Secretary David Gauke is dusting off all the old cliches from the 1970s to rationalize, not divorce by mutual consent, as he misleadingly suggests (and which is readily available now), but what amounts to involuntary and unilateral divorce. This dishonest sleight-of-hand will further debase the justice system, spread both legal and social chaos, and undermine the civil liberties of innocent citizens. (…)


Stephen Baskerville, PhD
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