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ABC News: Peter Curtis
By Katherine Gregory on AM

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Some of Australia’s most senior current and former judges are going public, calling out a severe lack of government funding for the family court system.
They say this means families, particularly children, are suffering, because they’re subject to court delays and costs.
They’re calling for change and believe the court should become the last resort for resolving family and property disputes.
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Broadcast: Wed 31 Oct 2018, 8:20am
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Zoe Durand, family lawyer and author of Inside Family Law
Stephen Scarlett, barrister and former federal circuit court judge
Antony Milch, psychiatrist
Seven extra judges to ease pressure on NSW judiciary
Attorney-General Mark Speakman announces a $148 million package to fund more permanent judges for the District Court, with flow-on effects expected to speed up trials and create additional sittings in regional New South Wales.
‘It must surely be time’: Chief Justice says family court may need royal commission
A royal commission into family law should be considered if reforms currently underway do not address public concerns, outgoing Family Court Chief Justice John Pascoe tells a conference in Brisbane as protesters called for better protections for families and children.
Retiring judge launches scathing critique of Family Court overhaul
Justice Stephen Thackray argues Australians should be wary of the Federal Government’s plan for reforming the family law system, arguing it has been dreamt up by accountants and not the people who work in the sector.
Sweeping changes to family court announced as broader review of strained system continues
The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court will be combined as part of a raft of changes to the financially and emotionally crippling family law system, in an announcement by the Attorney-General Christian Porter today.
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