An article on Stan Korosi’s website at
has reminded us that some Australian politicians do actually care about the disastrous social  policies, family law legislation, child support inequities and the draconian measures applied to domestic violence legislation that is causing a major rift between family members and their children.
As Stan Korosi points out, Senator John Madigan spoke about the misuse of Domestic and Family violence orders based on false allegations in order to deny the child(ren) contact with their other parent. He identified the reason for the increase in false allegations as directly related to the removal of the “good parent” provisions in the Family Law Act  – a provision to ensure each parent was willing “to facilitate a relationship with the other parent”.  The Labour Party removed this section of the act in order to prioritise children’s safety over them having a relationship with both parents.

The Senators were not alone in their criticism of the Family law legislation. They both referred to the comments of retiring Family Court Judge David Collier who was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald on 6 July 2013 to say,