Danielle Morris
Liverpool Echo
Image caption Morris initially told Mr Somers he was not the father before changing her story the following year

A woman who faked a paternity test to fool an ex-partner into believing he was her baby’s father has been jailed.

Danielle Morris, from Seaforth, Merseyside, initially told Jamie Somers in May 2014 that he was not the father, but later changed her story.
Mr Somers paid maintenance, had the baby stay with him on a weekly basis and tattooed her name on his arm before a test showed they were not related.
The 29-year-old was jailed for one year for fraud at Liverpool Crown Court.
The court heard Morris and Mr Somers, a singer and Michael Buble impersonator, had a brief relationship in November 2013 and, six months later, she told him she was pregnant but he was not the father.
She contacted him again in 2015 to say a DNA test had shown the man she thought was the girl’s father was not and implied that Mr Somers was.
Mr Somers then paid for another DNA test but Morris faked a results document.

‘Miss her immeasurably’

The court was told he was delighted and had set aside a bedroom in his house for the baby, Darcy.
Mr Somers only discovered the lie when he called the testing company for more details and was told they had not tested him.
A subsequent test showed he was not the girl’s father, news which he said “devastated” him.
Offering mitigation, Morris’s counsel said she had “wanted a father figure” for her daughter and had thought Mr Somers would give the girl “a chance” in life. Morris pleaded guilty to fraud.
Speaking after sentencing, Mr Somers said there was “no celebration on my behalf as a little girl, who was innocent and used as a pawn in Danielle Morris’ game, is inevitably the victim here”.
“As long as live I will worry for the child and miss her immeasurably,” he said.