Men's Guide to a Smooth Divorce
Men’s Guide to a Smooth Divorce (Front cover)

How to save your kids, your money and your sanity,

A well written, sensitive and sensible guide to separation, children, property settlement and divorce. It is American, but the principles expressed here are universally preferable and acceptable.

The author introduces the book by welcoming readers with the words ,

“I’m glad you found this book. Even though this is obviously a very difficult, stressful, and even disappointing time for you, what you do now will have a big impact on what the rest of your life looks like. There is so much bad advice out there for men who are faced with divorce, that I decided it was time for a book like this one. The book will introduce you to a different approach to divorce, one that is focused on achievng a happy end result for you, your kids and believe it or not, even for your soon to be ex-wife.”

Download a copy here Men’s Guide to a Smooth Divorce

On the final page of his book you will find a request from Todd Howerter for a donation. If you found it useful for yourself or to give to someone else  who is going through a divorce then $10 sounds like great value to us