This cartoon says it all. 
It didn’t take Julia Gillard long to play the victim card ….first she was “young and naive” and now all these “misogynists and and nut jobs on the internet” are attacking her.  Poor Julia!   


Just look how the sisterhood has rallied round to protect her.


Does she deserve your sympathy? Not in my opinion.
As one writer said she appears to be “bereft of moral character’ not only in this Wlson/AWU affair, but also in her attitude towards the husbands of other women.
Recent disclosures give an insight into Gillard’s view of marriage, and particularly her attitude to children of a marriage and their right to active fathering. And we have all seen the result of that with the appalling changes made to the Family Law Act.
The Australian was, I believe, the only main-stream paper that published the sordid story, and then only as a sideline in another story

 “When Gillard became involved with Labor front bencher Craig Emerson, the former PM rang a party heavyweight and told him, “Craig’s got to marry Julia.”

 Emerson had left his wife and three children during his relationship with Gillard. Hawke regarded Emerson as an anointed son who needed to clean up his private life for a tilt at leadership. But Gillard outshone Emerson and the romance foundered. She’s blamed the break-up on the hurly burly of political life.

To illustrate these complications, she revealed how they’d shared a hotel room at an ALP national conference. She’d forgotten to pack her contact lens container so stored them in a glass of water. Thirsty in the middle of the night, Emerson drank the lot. The next morning Gillard delivered the health policy without being able to read her notes or see the audience.”

A few on-line sites carried the story, see:

It is widely known that between 2003 – 2005 Gillard had a relationship with fellow ALP hack Craig Emerson. The relationship destroyed Emerson’s marriage and his family of three young children

She famously started a relationship with fellow Labor MP Craig Emerson whilst he was still married with three children. It is interesting that the media has not pried into the Emerson affair seeing as the glossy magazines usually attempt to trip up politicians for such personal follies. Can we imagine that Tony Abbott would receive such soft treatment if he started an affair with a married woman?

In 2002, she began a two-year relationship with Craig Emerson, the then-married federal minister who left his wife and children for her.

Take for instance our Prime Minister Julia Gillard. She had an affair with married fellow Labor MP Craig Emmerson in 2003. He left his wife and children to form a two year relationship with Gillard

Well done, not one mention of Julia Gillard’s affair with the then married Craig Emerson.
That story is just wafting through the press rooms like a bad fart, as no one wants to acknowledge it.

Those who voted for her got what they deserved; unfortunately Australia’s children and fathers are getting what they did not deserve.