A  national men’s lobby group slammed the Federal Government’s latest family law review, claiming fathers would not be consulted or represented during deliberations…….

Men’ Rights Agency director Sue Price said men’s rights groups were not invited to voice their views during the consultation period or represented on the government appointed Family Law Pathways Advisory Group which included members from the Women’s Action Alliance and Women’s Legal Resource Centre.

A spokeswoman for Federal Attorney General Daryl Williams said advisory group members were chosen based on their skills and expertise in family law not to represent community interest groups.

Ms Price said the snub was ludicrous “Fathers have a right to be consulted about how the state is intending to deal with them and their children should their marriage breakdown, just as much right as a mother,” she said.

“Fathers views and feelings are often ignored when it comes to children’s issues.

“This is the reason we have ever increasing numbers of men committing suicide.”

The Family Law Pathways Advisory Group commissioned a research company to interview people affected by family breakdown in the past three years and consult family-service providers throughout Australia as part of the review.

A spokesman for Mr  Williiams said  the Men’s Rights Agency could voice their opinions during public meetings held throughout Australia from September 27 to October 11.

The Family Laws Pathways Advisory Group also accepted public submissions on family law reform and extended the deadline.

Several men’s advocacy groups lodged submissions but the Men’s Right (sic) agency was not among them she said.

Ms Price said the Men’s Rights Agency would send a report and seek a special meeting with the advisory group and the Federal Attorney-General to voice its point of view.”