I’m frequently asked, What’s a women doing in a Men’s Rights organisation. It’s easy to answer when one has an understanding and appreciation that men are an essential part of our lives, and vice versa. We complement each other in so many ways.

There should not be a gender war, but unfortunately the need for Men’s Rights Agency has come about as a result of the bias that has escalated beyond all reason against men and boys, affecting all facets of their life.  Most of which has occurred because of oppressive affirmative action legislation, the introduction and misuse of domestic violence laws, and family law perceptions that favour maternal preference.

Boys educational disadvantage is just the start of the problem, jobs for men are disappearing, whilst more are created for women, little money is spent on improving men’s health, yet men die earlier, the bias even extends to sentencing for criminal offences. Women will undoubtedly receive a lesser sentence for a similar crime. 

If we continue to raise our children in an atmosphere where boys’ masculinity is suppressed as if it is a disorder, men are told they need to be deconstructed and reconstructed, where girls are told they can do anything without reminders that with rights come responsibilities, our next generations are facing a bleak future, and even greater family dysfunction. Not the best outcome for our sons and daughters I would suggest.

David Thomas author of Not Guilty in Defence of Men wondered why

………  a dominant class legislates its own downfall with quite as much thoroughness as the parliaments of the western world, filled as they are with men passing equal opportunities legislation in favour of women, “. (David Thomas, “Not Guilty- In defence of the Modern Man”, Weiden & Nicolson, London, 1993, page 63.)

Nearly nine years ago when MRA started there were 34 government funded groups for women, offering legal, financial, accommodation, and general support services. We saw a need for a men’s service that would provide avenues to access information and support through a national network of solicitors, counsellors, accountants and self help activities including an emergency accommodation scheme run through the use of private homes. In addition to being available 24 hours 7 days week we operate a national free call service for emergencies as well. We do not receive government funding.

For the past two years we have won the community service award from the Beenleigh Chamber of Commerce and the Albert and Logan News.

Since day one in 1994 our phones have run hot with calls from fathers desperate to find their children, have contact with their children, rescue their rapidly disintegrating marriage, find ways to cope with the ever increasing child support debts.

A third of our callers are women who are equally concerned their sons, new partner or just a friend should receive fair treatment in the resolution of their separation problems.

 The major issues as we see them are: Read more, click here for full report. MRA talks to Ticehurst forum 11-2002 pdf