– Dr Daniel J Mealey, Bach Biomed Sci, MBBS (Melb) ACEM (Cert) Afghanistan Veteran
The Marxist agenda demands constant conflict. Man against woman, Loser against winner. Haves against have nots. Bourgeoisie against aristocrats. Wealthy against poor. Left against Right. Cowards against heroes. Thesis against antithesis until we arrive, after much bloodshed at a sociaslist utopia.
100,000 brave Australian soldiers, aircrew, naval personnel and nurses have died in over 100 years of wars that have collectively seen the horrific deaths of over 100 million human beings. “Religion causes all wars” is the mindless rhetoric spun by extremists of yesteryear to excuse the ideological evils of “Communism,” “Socialism,” “Marxism,” “Liberalism,” “Anarchism “Dialectical Materialism,” “Fascism,” “Authoritarian Ultranationalism” and unbridled “Capitalism.”
These ideologies crept into our universities, unions, wharves, parliaments, media and lounge rooms whilst our men and women shed their blood in foreign lands defeating the visible representation of these ideologies. And these ideologies are just as much unrecognised and unlabelled now as they were then.
Consequently these ideologies have morphed into a bizarre, nondescript set of Australian cultural and corporate attitudes affecting our homeless, our mentally unwell, our injured, our elderly, our youth, our refugees, our Aboriginal population, but also our veterans and our heroes. And our relationship with these demographics is toxic.
Out of respect to 100,000 dead Australians, and to the millions of Australians that might have descended from them, it’s up to the rest of us to (at the very least), educate ourselves and our children what these ideologies represent, because the fabric of Australia is falling apart, and seemingly no-one knows why.
Let’s start with our “heroes.” Every society needs them. They represent and typify to the rest of us, precisely the courage (both moral and mental), the virtue, the stamina and the stoicism that the rest of us must emulate. Every tyrannical empire starts with a destruction of all living memory of a nation’s heroes, so we should be very suspicious of the treatment of Edward “Teddy” Sheean, of Garry Cooper, and of Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG.
Courage has many forms: saying “I’m sorry,” or “I love you,” telling the truth, making reparation. But the courage of heroes is a lonely path; acting in isolation, holding onto moral principles of integrity, liberty and justice, valuing these things more than one’s own life even. And doing so amidst the cynicism, scorn, deceit and disloyalty of cowards. This is the courage and the lot of Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG.
Using a “retrospectoscope” should be applied with extreme caution to those who have been in the trenches, and indeed those at the forefront of important moral, ethical and societal reform.
An example of this “retrospectoscope” in action, is the unintelligent attack of Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG. And in fact the attack of all of the Commando, SAS and Infantrymen presently being attacked in a shameful national investigation for “warcrimes.”
From the comfort of western privileged lounge rooms, journalists, politicians and lawyers are presently holding to account men who had to make life and death decisions, with no judge or jury present (and certainly no politician nor Journalist present).
Judges, juries, politicians, lawyers and journalists all voted for, and formed governments that sent these men to war zones, with weapons, trained to kill, into impossible situations with no backup, no “phone a friend / indemnity insurance lawyer” for advice or mentoring, to make critical decisions that required immediacy and leadership most often in complete isolation from Command.
Furthermore, most of them have been on repetitive 3 to 6 month deployment cycles, with no time in between to rest and reset back to “normalcy,” before being sent on yet another deployment to clock up hundreds of kills.
The nation has observed that some of these people who were killed, were hurt in the process, and the witch-hunt of courageous men like Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG is a disgrace, and it represents the same sinister, Marxist abuse of veterans that was first publicly, glarlingly and shamefully evident in the Vietnam era. Only, the university students who spat on Vietnam heroes, are now in positions of leadership, professorship and mentorshp in Australia.
War is messy. Death happens there. Soldiers kill people. Being killed hurts. Governments send them to war to kill people. Australians vote for those governments. Yet Australians expect men like Ben Roberts-Smith VC to carry the burden of every physical, psychological and moral injury and event that takes place in those wars, as though they acted without national sanction.
Those who attack Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG are cowards, and should be conscripted for a reality check.
– Dr Daniel J Mealey