Women bark, Men bite.

Controversial media Award winner Adele Horin (Right)

Controversial media Award winner Adele Horin (Right)

Adele Horin, writer for the Sydney Morning Herald, is no stranger to the trappings of wish-fulfilment journalism. For many journalists, you see what you need to see, and in the case of Adele Horin, men are inherently evil, as one can see from the litany of her work.

Her recent article, “Revenge and Despair place Children at Risk“, is another piece of fanciful writing from a Horin, who can always be relied upon to creatively re-interpret the facts to absolve females of the same crimes that men are vilified for.

This insulting commentary on the automatic culpability of men in cases of child murder, even when the murderer is the mother, and the ”acceptability” of the murder of children, when committed by the mother, is a sad indictment on the extent that these feminist ideologues go to to sanitise all female mis-conduct, even at the expense of the best interests of children.

Horin relies upon a small sample of Child Murders, and selective interpretations of the reasons behind these murders, to paint a Mother’s murder of a child as an almost Saint-Like endeavour, worthy of praise, not condemnation.

But of course she does not afford men anything like the same type of sympathy, because Fathers after-all only murder children for selfish reasons.

Horin in her exploration of this issue typically fails to look at any ulterior reasons for any proposed disparity in motive, preferring instead to rely blindly on her own entrenched gender-bigotry as the sole prism from which she is to explain this issue.

For example, Horin completely ignores the vastly different circumstances that these parents found themselves in at the time of the crimes.

In each case, the fathers were in a position of almost-complete impotence, with very little access to their children, almost zero say so in the child’s lives,  having been rejected and discarded from the family unit, but with complete financial responsibility.

Whereas the mothers were in a position of virtual omnipotence,  complete power over the children, their fate, when they saw their father, under what circumstances, where they lived, etc, etc.

It takes very little effort to determine that with such polar opposite political circumstances, the motives for the actions of these parents would also be different. It had nothing to do with gender, but everything to do with the political reality that these parents found themselves in.

Perhaps one could also argue that if this political disparity was rectified, so to would some of the resulting motives.

But no, Horin would not bring herself to go down that road, being that it involved impartiality and god forbid, balanced reporting.

The complete truth however, when you increase the sample size and include the voluminous Child Abuse and Parental Alienation statistics, is that Mothers are typically motivated by the same emotions in such similar cases of abuse and murder as Fathers are.

To try and ‘understand’ and as a result ‘vindicate’ the murder of children by one gender only, perhaps says a lot more about Adele Horin’s warped and detached motives in writing this piece of bigoted rubbish, than it does about the true reasons behind the disgusting crimes against children by their parents.

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