Only just discovered this brilliant site put together by Andrew Rogers LL.B N.P, a solicitor in South Australia. Open access to sections for Lawyers, the general public covering all Australian States and all areas of law.
Have a look, explore and be amazed at how much information is now at your fingertips.

Child Support Agency Estimator

Child Support – “The Guide”

Useful information on change of assessment, calculating assessments etc


Family Dispute Resolution Providers

For a list in your area of Family Dispute Resolution Counselors please click on the URL below and put in your postcode.
Remember to ask three important questions before you make a decision on which service to use:

  1.  How long will I have to wait to see a counsellor to arrange mediation?
  2. How much success have you had in helping separated couples  reach a shared parenting agreement?
  3. Do you subscribe to the “Primary Attachment” theory for toddlers. (If they say “Yes” find another service!)

Family Court of Australia – Forms

Family Law Cases –