Shared residence is best for children


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Annotated Bibliography – 2006 -2012 updated.

We have found 34 citations to published research showing that joint residence is better for children than any other kind of post-divorce residence.

    # Rejecting mandatory joint residence places the interests of parents ahead of the best interests of the child

 McIsaac H. The Divorce Revolution: A Critique. 10(5)CaliforniaFamily Law Report (May 1986)

Kelly J B. Further Observations On Joint Custody. 16UniversityofCaliforniaDavisLaw Review (1983) pp 762-770  

and more covering Men & Women Equally Violent; Other types of Abuse; Attachment Theory; Joint Residence is what Children Want; Men Want more time with their kids, but know they won’t get it; Premature Puberty and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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