It is with a great deal of sadness that I must let you know that Rob Thomas passed away on Monday 20 March 2017.
He finally lost his eleven year battle against prostate cancer.
Many of you will remember Rob, always unassuming, quietly spoken, but one of the most dedicated friends of Men’s Rights Agency that we could wish for. Rob was always the first to volunteer to assist in any project we proposed, attended every meeting. I cannot remember when he wasn’t there with us. He wrote letters to the newspapers, politicians, called talk back radio. He was an inspiration to all who came into contact with him.

He was an accountant by profession and was always willing to offer advice on a personal level for those needing information, particularly about child support.
Rob became a very dear friend to many and we came to love and respect him as one would a brother. He rescued our sanity on several occasions by insisting that we accompany him to Noosa for a few days away. Those times were treasured as it gave us, a short break away from the difficulties we encountered in Men’s Rights Agency on a daily basis.
I found it hard to believe when Rob called about 4 weeks ago and said we should have lunch together as a “kind of farewell”, sooner rather than later. We arranged for us, that is Reg, my husband, our son Andrew and myself to meet Rob at the White House Restaurant in Waterford. I was expecting the lunch to be a sad affair, but we reminisced, laughed about the outrageous antics we got up to, the challenging questions we posed to our reluctant Members of Parliament and generally patted ourselves on the back for our success in challenging the system and remembered the good times that we shared as friends outside of Men’s Rights Agency
Rob was always there to support us for over twenty years or so.
He is survived by his son Ritchie, daughter Jane and a very special granddaughter. Our sympathies are extended to his family.
His funeral is being held on Monday 27 March 2017 at 10 am
At the St John’s Presbyterian Church,
33 King Street, Annerley 4103
We will, of course, be attending to honour Rob Thomas, who gave so much of himself to support the ideals of Men’s Rights Agency.
Kind regards
Sue Price
Men’s Rights Agency
Tel: 0409 269 621