Mark Latham says ‘left lunatics’ are introducing a ‘new, insidious form of discrimination’

Mark Latham has had enough of political correctness gone mad.
Speaking with Alan Jones, he says, “this is real stuff, this is happening”.
The Outsider says companies enforcing a “diversity policy” are contributing to the madness by introducing a “new form of discrimination”.
With many companies out to fill a quota, Mark says a number will reject white men for jobs in favour of people of colour or females.
“It’s discrimination. These left lunatics are trying to fight what they think are old forms of discrimination with a new, insidious form of discrimination.
“To say that if you’re male and white you won’t get the job because there’s a policy of diversity, well diversity has become code for a new form of discrimination.
“It’s terrible that we’re talking about skin colour but it’s what the left have put on the agenda.
“We’ve become a fundamentally divided country,” he tells Alan.
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On last week’s incredible leadership spill chaos, Mark says “the amazing thing last week wasn’t that Turnbull was defeated”.
“The amazing thing last week was how quickly his leadership position collapsed.
“I’ve never seen anyone’s leadership collapse so rapidly.”