The Hon Peter Dutton MP
Minister for Home Affairs
Dear Peter,
It is many months and several years since I had the opportunity of meeting with you at the opening of the Strathpine Family Relationship Centre.
I feel I  have no other option, but to appeal to someone who may understand the disappointment we are experiencing watching the onslaught of allegations against the Attorney General, Christian Porter and now to read that the PM Morrison is thinking of reallocating his position to another politician.
At this time, as has been acknowledged by the Prime Minister and yourself, he is innocent! He has not been found guilty of anything and it is outrageous that a woman who clearly had significant mental health problems should allow herself to be manipulated into making a very late allegation – after 33 years on from the alleged event.
The uprising you are experiencing from  women is a worldwide phenomenon of protest, whether it happens to be #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, Anti Vax, Defund the Police etc. The allegations that have been made do not warrant such attention and you should not allow yourselves to be bullied into caving into their demands. You have far greater problems to devote your time to and find satisfactory solutions for our country.
You are perhaps forgetting that men vote as well and I am seeing a rise in the angst and disappointment experienced by men. They feel the government and certain anti-male groups are determined to wage war on men.
I would implore you to reject the idea that Mr Porter should be removed from his position. If you do not, any time the women want to get rid of a politician or community or  business leader they  just need to manufacture an alleged historic offence, then call for his sacking.
Every man will now live in fear that they will become a target.
I sent the following to the Attorney General, but have not yet received a reply.
Please do not let the PM whither  under the onslaught as did Tony Abbott when Julia Gillard attacked him with her misogyny speech. He was never the same afterwards.
Kind regards
Sue Price
Men’s Rights Agency
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Sent: Wednesday, 17 March 2021 4:32 AM
Subject: You could be next to be falsely accused!;
The Hon. Christian Porter MP
Attorney General
Dear Mr. Porter,
I thought I would share the following release with you as it concerns your situation. I am not surprised groups of women have targeted you at the first opportunity. You have, after all, reduced their Family Court of Australia to a Division in the Federal Circuit Court, thereby removing the Court’s perception that their isolation may protect them from greater scrutiny when some form of judicial oversight is implemented. Perhaps, following on with removal of those parts of the legislation preventing publication will open the court’s operation/outcomes to public censure, thereby ensuring less bias occurs.
For 26 years we have seen many men/fathers falsely accused under our current State based domestic violence and criminal legislation, which can then carried over into the family law arena by parties seeking to gain a tactical advantage.
Unfortunately, the Government has been complicit in ‘waging a war against men’, in the hope that by acceding to women’s demands they will retain the women’s vote. I must tell you, at least a third of our calls come from women who are appalled by the callous treatment meted out by the Courts to the men in their lives. Since this recent #metoo event more and more women have approached this Agency seeking to assist in any way they can to persuade your colleagues to stop pandering to women who are using the legislation to validate their own bad behavior gain traction in family law or chase dollars and sympathy with false claims of rape, sexual abuse or violence.
I repeat, the Parliament has promoted this war against men and it will take a great deal of money and effort to restore some balance between men and women.
Our children deserve to have both a mother and a father in their lives. A million children raised without a father in their lives is far too many. This number has remained pretty constant over the years. Children who have lost a parent, usually their father find themselves struggling, failing in school, in trouble with the police, drugs, pregnancy and their own relationships.
Mr. Porter, after your experience which I know hurt you enormously, the expression on your face conveyed your feelings, please consider all and any efforts that might be available to restore the confidence Australian families have that the men in their lives will not be falsely accused or treated unfairly in our courts. Our rule of law, as both you and the Prime Minister have reiterated is “innocent until proven guilty” in a court of law, not in social or news media.
There is a reluctance to accuse women of perjury, in fact one of the AG’s staffers who attended a Senate Committee hearing a number of years ago, laughed when I suggested that might be a way to limit the lies and said she didn’t think that had ever happened and it was extremely unlikely to ever happen in the future! Perhaps a change in attitude might be useful.
Kind regards
Sue Price
Men’s Rights Agency

You could be next

Thousands of men are falsely accused of crimes against women or their children, as a result of domestic violence laws that allow the police or an aggrieved to apply for an order to remove a man from his house and prevent any contact with his ex-partner and children.  Overnight a husband/partner/father can find himself stripped of all his possessions, access to funds and his children.
If the police choose, they can expand a possible DV offence into a criminal charge of rape, assault or stalking etc.
The Magistrate at the first hearing will impose or confirm the order put in place by the police, to force the man to stay away from his home and family. No evidence given apart from a statement from the complainer.
Most often the police, the judiciary and even the man’s own solicitor, if he can afford one, will attempt to persuade the man to “accept an order without admission”. They are led to believe no harm will result from this. But as far as the police are concerned the man is on their records as a perpetrator of violence and can be charged under criminal law if he breaches the order.
Some decide to challenge the order but, it takes many months for a trial to take place. Some men have had their cases adjourned 10 to 15 times! Often, they run out of money to continue their defence.
Unfortunately, some women decide the easiest way to punish a man is to make a complaint of sexual abuse or rape. This undoubtedly ruins his life. Students at university lose their grants to study and are expelled from their course, with a stain on their name that lasts a lifetime.
Society is in denial as to the prevalence of false allegations. The media and social media are foremost in exposing anyone accused of rape or sexual assault, spreading the word and calling for others to join in the allegations.
Recently, we have seen several cases where the accused has proven their innocence: a Canberra man spent time in maximum security awaiting trial for rape having been accused by his fiancé. His family spent $600,000 thousand dollars proving his innocence; another man successfully gained a 1 million dollars settlement against the NSW police for their failure to properly investigate the rape allegations made by his then partner; another NSW man’s solicitor managed, after two years, to persuade the police to charge the woman who falsely complained to be a victim of domestic violence. She was found guilty and later ordered in a civil case to pay $95,000 in compensation.
There will be many more of these cases, where complainants making false allegations, will be taken to task and prosecuted for their lies.
In the meantime, we urge the Attorney General, who has now experienced the very worst accusations that can be made, to work to ensure there is an understanding that women do not always tell the truth and police should perform their investigations properly without jumping to the conclusion that the man is always the guilty perpetrator.
Australians are entitled to the presumption of innocence. This does just not happen under the bias that has infiltrated our justice system.
Sue Price, Director
B.Soc.Sci. JP.
Men’s Rights Agency
P.O. Box 28, Waterford 4133
Mob: 0409 269 621