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Every 2nd Weekend

Every father who is separated from his children understands the meaning of the term “Every 2nd Weekend”.
The ‘every 2nd weekend’ template was the standard contact a newly separated father could expect to have with his children. The devastation in firstly, losing one’s wife/partner and then to be told that the ‘system’ allows for a father to see his children ONLY every 2nd weekend is immense.
2006 changes to family law introduced the notion of ‘shared parental responsibility’ which could lead to ‘shared parenting time – 50/50’ or at the very least ‘substantial contact – 30% of time’.
Recent changes introduced by the Labor Government has jeopardised the understanding that children need both parents as we see a drift back to ‘every 2nd weekend’ or even ‘supervised contact’, based often on unsubstantiated claims of domestic abuse.
MRA has always asked the question : why is a perfectly good father, once separated, regarded as surplus to his children’s needs apart from the financial support he provides?
This winning film clip of less than 100 seconds produced by Simon, with the help of Sophie, Jarrod and Vicki says it all.
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Every 2nd Weekend