Men’s Rights Agency recently announced the second annual Media Awards.

“The Awards are intended to highlight the need for both sides of gender issues to be explored fairly, without men being subjected to unreasonable ridicule and criticism”, said Mrs Sue Price, a director of Men’s Rights Agency.

“Too often men are portrayed, particularly in television commercials, as bumbling idiots or aggressive, angry men ready to settle any argument with their fists. A few may behave like that, but the vast majority are just trying to get on with their lives – working and caring for their family”, continued Mrs Price. “They do not deserve to be portrayed in this way. It also sends a very poor message to the young men of this country that they are not valued.”

The Winner Awards

The winners, recognised for their ability to view social issues fairly, without undue bias and/or providing positive support in for men/fathers are:

MRA Media Award 2006 - The Sunday MailThe Sunday Mail, Brisbane wins the Press award for publishing the article “Have men lost their jobs?” by influential British commentator Melanie Phillips. As the author, Ms Phillips receives an award for this article and in      recognition of her other writings, wherein she strives to counter the bias against men and fathers.

MRA Media Awards 2006- The Movember GroupThe Movember Group, for their innovative campaign to raise funds for prostate cancer and male depression by calling on men to “grow a mo” in November. At the conclusion of the campaign more than five million dollars has been raised. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas partied their way through November as they raised funds for very worthy causes.

MRA Community Service Award 2006 - Professor John MacdonaldProfessor John Macdonald and Micheal Woods, for their endeavours as co-directors of Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre. The Centre actively supports projects contributing to the health and well-being of men and boys.

MRA Media Award 2006 - Federal MP Albay SchultzA Print award goes to Federal MP Alby Schultz who investigated complaints from paying parents, mostly fathers, who told of their appalling treatment by the Child Support Agency. Mr Schultz documented the results in a free handout booklet, The Battle for Balance: A heartfelt war of relationship, families and money – Child Support in Australia

Two winners from the 2005 Awards are also acknowledged for their continuing efforts in reporting issues of importance to men/fathers.

They are the community radio program on 2GLF 89.3FM Dads on the Air ( ) and
The Outback City Express (Queensland).

The Loser Awards ( The Toady Awards)

On the other hand, the MRA Toady Awards presented no such difficulties with plenty of nominations to choose from …….


Men’s Rights Agency – Media Release – 2006 Awards