All men are bastards! – 1995

Published in The Independent Monthly – November 1995, this article, written by Canberra based economist John Coochey, raised the issue of false statistics being used by extreme feminists to lobby for government funds and further their own agenda. John also recognised and alerted the public to the questionable methodology proposed for use in Carmen Lawrence’s $1.3 million Women’s Safety Survey that was published in December 1996…….
Dodgy figures and suspect ideological interpretations give the impression that violence by men against women is rampant says JOHN COOCHEY. The reality is very different.

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Child Abuse and Violence in Society – Sen. Anne Cools 1995

A speech delivered by Senator Anne Cools to the Canadian Senate on March 28, 1995. Honorable Senators, my intention today is to focus on children as recipients of violence in the family. I shall review some of the research and findings on the troubled family and child at risk. Honourable Senators, the understanding of human […]

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