Child Support

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Labour and Democrat Senators reject CSA relief for payers!

The Senate has rejected most of the changes contained in the child support legislation that would benefit paying parents.
The Child Support Amendment Bill (No 2) 2000 was to provide for a reduction in child support, by acknowledging that there is a cost involved in caring for children during contact visits. A 2 and 3 percent reduction in the formula amount was envisaged for non-custodial parents who have between 10 – 19%, and 20 – 29% contact time, respectively.

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Child Support Amendments – December 1998

Since the long-awaited, disappointing changes to child support were accepted by the Senate (December 1998) we have been inundated with queries, especially for the start dates.
Here they are, together with a brief summary of the changes.
CSA expects most of the items to come into affect on 1st July 1999, providing legislative procedures are completed on time.

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MP Tony Smith’s impassioned plea to amend divisive child support legislation – 1998

Tony Smith MP 1998 – There is no area of the public service that is growing at a faster rate than the area of the Child Support Agency. It has produced more heartache, more conflict, severed more families, driven more people to suicide, provoked more people to despair, alienated more children from their parents, and provoked more anguish amongst grandparents, than any other area of public service.

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CSA legislation makes 2nd wives and children 2nd class citizens

Mr CAMPBELL (Kalgoorlie) (12.10 p.m.)–debating CSA legislattion …..That is exactly the problem because this legislation was compiled by intellectual pygmies. The legislation is a disaster. If people get up in this place and say they support the legislation, it is a complete cop-out. Nobody, in my view, should be able to avoid paying for the upkeep of their children. In my experience, the great bulk of people want to contribute to the upkeep of their children. But what this Child Support Legislation Amendment Bill 1998 does is divide families and it makes the wives and children of second families second-class citizens in Australia.

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Wimping on child support – 1997

The Melbourne Coroner heard the sad story of a man who hanged himself in a police cell after two years of being denied access to his three children. One more victim adding weight to the continuing public concern about gross inequities in the treatment of non-custodial parents after divorce.
By the end of the day, the Howard Government had struck another blow to the campaign promoting the rights of non-custodial parents. In announcing changes to the Child Support Scheme, it wimped out.

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