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Industry CEO complains to Qantas and Virgin

The Qantas policy appears to promote a message that men cannot be trusted when children are involved and your organisation from its public response seems ambivalent to the notion that there is this clear link in this concept. The perception from outside is that the company has merely applied some damage control to the issue in the hope that it may just go away.

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Paternally grateful

IS there a word for it? I can’t think of one. The label “maternal” is fenced off by women, exclusively, proudly; “paternal” – well, feminism

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Doctor Greg Canning quits James Cook University teaching post over feminist colleague Betty McLellan’s ‘sexual vilification’ of men

JAMES Cook University is embroiled in an ugly battle of the sexes which has resulted in one academic resigning in protest at the lack of discipline of his “extreme” feminist colleague.
JCU School of Medicine adjunct senior lecturer Dr Greg Canning has quit his teaching job of 10 years, claiming the university failed to caution Adjuct Associate Professor Betty McLellan, who he has accused of publicly practicing sexual vilification.

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Devlin: Stop picking on our menfolk

“The constant message from TV, movies and commercials is that men are cheaters, lazy, unreliable and stupid.” Source: AdelaideNow
TELEVISION is filled with male characters who are hopeless, uninterested, bumbling idiots, writes Rebekah Devlin.

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13 reasons it’s unlucky to be a man

When your life is committed to helping the world work for everyone – men and boys included – it’s easy to forget that most people don’t see the inequality and discrimination that men and boys face on a daily basis.
So to help us spread the word about the desperate need to help men and boys live longer, happier, healthier lives ………..

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