Why won’t we admit it: women commit domestic violence too

Michael Bird, Spectator - Australia

Michael Bird Michael Bird 19 February 2019Mccann Males are generally the perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence and women are generally the victims of domestic and sexual violence. However, we need to remember that “generally” does not mean “exclusively”. According to statistics, women are perpetrators of 25 per cent of domestic violence against men and […]

As its dramatic debt is revealed, can White Ribbon survive?

Jenna Price, Canberra Times

The financial problems which now beset White Ribbon Australia were already in place well before the appointment of controversial CEO Tracy McLeod Howe, who lasted only three months in the job after a series of missteps. ‘If your reputation is under attack, it’s hard to get people to donate.’Credit:Alex Ellnghausen The charity, which aims to […]