New domestic violence campaign to focus on ‘boys being boys’ attitude in society

By Daniel Keane and Camron Slessor

Another disgustingly biased domestic violence campaign  is launched. The Federal Government has clearly forgotten and/or decided to ignore the rising suicide levels amongst boys and men. Campaigns of this kind are not only damaging to the psyche of young boys and men, but clearly ignore the significant numbers of males who are victims of female […]

Questioning the evidence on domestic violence – Senator Leyonhjelm

14 June 2017 ·
Senator David Leyonhjelm:
I recently quizzed public servants in regards to the research underpinning a violence against women campaign.

For those looking to hear an alternative perspective on the underlying causes of domestic violence, this condensed version is a must watch.

I question why “gender inequality” seems to be the focus, rather than the many socio-economic factors that are the main contributors to domestic violence.