Sydney man wins $35,000 defamation payout over Rose Bay Facebook stoush

By Jamie McKinnell  ABC News Posted 2days ago, updated Yesterday Bruce Goldberg said his credibility was damaged by a defamatory Facebook post.(Supplied) A man has been awarded $35,000 in damages after a judge found he was defamed by a single post in a Sydney community Facebook group. Key points: Bruce Goldberg said people yelled at him in the street and […]

Australian Government pumps $150 million into false feminist DV Narrative

Augusto Zimmermann 7 hrs · “NEVER WASTE A CRISIS”: AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT PUMPS $150 MILLION INTO FALSE FEMINIST DV NARRATIVE The Australian government has adopted draconian measures that will lead to the death of numerous businesses, consequently, putting many lives at risk of financial destitution. In a time where every taxpayer’s money counts, today Prime Minister Scott […]