Hanson urges people to speak out in Family Court inquiry ….. By A Current Affair Staff

http://9now.nine.com.au/a-current-affair/family-court-inquiry-pauline-hanson-says-why-it-is-needed/265e1528-9e8c-4cb3-9d62-99d5f27eb127# She’s been trying for years and finally, Senator Pauline Hanson has got what she wants – an inquiry into the Family Court system. The One Nation leader told A Current Affair what she hoped to accomplish. “We are wanting to go to every state and territory in the country,” she said. “We want to […]

Dad’s plea to change law to spare others the same fate

Harley Cuzens, in Broome at the weekend, eight years after his former wife murdered their daughters Jane, 12 (top left) and Jessica, 10. EXCLUSIVE By Steve Jackson, The Australian 7:05AM December 2, 2019 The weeks before Christmas are a difficult time for Harley Cuzens — it was in December that his former wife murdered two […]