‘Custody sisters’ hopes of Aust stay rise

http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/8517104/sisters-in-last-ditch-bid-to-stay-in-aust The family of four sisters in an international custody dispute has been given fresh hope they will be allowed to stay in Australia pending another legal challenge. A Family Court judge is expected to decide later on Thursday whether to grant an application for a stay of his original order that the girls return […]

Italian father seeks return of 4 daughters under the Hague Convention

Lauren Wilson and Chris Merritt, The Australian

Australian High Court rules no role for kids in custody rows. The High Court has dismissed an appeal that could have given children a greater and more direct say on custody arrangements in legal brawls between parents.  Family law experts yesterday welcomed the decision of the bench to throw out an appeal brought on behalf […]

High Court dismisses international custody battle

Ashley Hall, ABC Updated

   ABC © Enlarge photo  Four young sisters at the centre of an international custody row have failed in their bid to have the High Court intervene in the dispute. The girls’ lawyer argued that the Family Court denied procedural justice when it failed to appoint legal representation for the girls before it determined they […]

Aiming for a fair share of parenting in split families

Susie O'Brien , Herald Sun

 WHERE it is possible and good for the kids, shared parenting is worth fighting for. Children have a right to be brought up by both parents. This means dads should have the same rights as mums. Source: HWT Image Library Two of Australia’s leading law experts last week questioned the value of shared parenting. The […]

Roxon to tackle law on family violence

Pia Akerman From:The Australian

NICOLA Roxon has flagged further changes to the Family Law Act to improve the court system’s response to family violence, amid calls for greater clarification on how and when family violence should be relevant to disputes. The Attorney-General yesterday declared there was “more to do” in reforming the system to provide better support for victims, […]

Shared care not the key for kids

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

CHILDREN of divorced parents do not feel secure in shared care unless there is a high level of parental co-operation, according to new research, which finds that equal time and a lack of conflict between parents is not enough to foster contentment. Researcher Christina Sadowski did a qualitative study through the University of Ballarat, interviewing […]

Women poorer, men lonelier after divorce

Rachel Wells - Sydney Morning Herald

Quote: Women’s household incomes suffer more than men’s after divorce, but it takes men longer to recover emotionally, a study has found.

5 Government Inquiries That Should Cause You Concern

1. Family Courts Violence Review (review by Professor Richard Chisholm) The Attorney-General has commissioned a review of the practices, procedures and laws that apply in the federal family law courts in the context of family violence. The Family Courts Violence Review will consider whether improvements could be made to ensure that the federal family law […]

Norgrove and McIntosh’s junk science

Robert Whiston - a noted UK writer who presents a thorough analysis of the topics he selects - usually associated with family law, fatherhood, shared parenting, children's interests. You can read more of his writings here and join in his blog http://robertwhiston.wordpress.com/

“… Jennifer McIntosh’s smiling face cannot conceal that her ideological dogma will perpetuate the orphaning of children. It cannot disguise the awful misery she is inflicting on generations yet to come – hopeful futures she has dashed. What and why is so important that she has to fly half way round the world to stop it happening ?

She is the eminence gris of the [British] Norgrove Report, cited to excuse its betrayal of father’s rights and the rights of children to see their fathers.

McIntosh, and her Australian cronies, are sabotaging British efforts to bring equality to post-divorce settlements. Often this reactionary sabotage takes the form of ‘scare tactics’, alleging inter-partner domestic violence will increase, but on other occasions it is more subtle.

Child safety first in overhaul of family law

Herald Sun

THE Gillard Government has  unveiled radical changes to family law that redefine domestic violence, place  greater weight on child safety and could weaken the Howard government’s shared  parenting laws. The changes, which are directed at cases involving abusive parents, elevate the  safety of children to the top priority in custody disputes. Whenever a court considers […]