Well done, feminism. Now men are afraid to help women at work

Martin Daubney, Daily Telegraph, UK

News that men are too fearful of a trip to HR to help out their female colleagues is final proof that the gender equality project has backfired, writes Martin Daubney Men are too paranoid about sexual harassment claims to lend a helping hand in the workplace Originally published :   1:14PM BST 01 Oct 2015 A […]

As its dramatic debt is revealed, can White Ribbon survive?

Jenna Price, Canberra Times

The financial problems which now beset White Ribbon Australia were already in place well before the appointment of controversial CEO Tracy McLeod Howe, who lasted only three months in the job after a series of missteps. ‘If your reputation is under attack, it’s hard to get people to donate.’Credit:Alex Ellnghausen The charity, which aims to […]