Nagging as a Feminist Discipline

Dave Pellowe - Quadrant Online

Nagging as a Feminist Discipline More women are being charged with domestic violence, a development those who have long argued that equality of outcome matters more than equal opportunity might have been expected to applaud. But no, none of that from the champions of perpetual female victimhood The discrimination industry seems to dwell in a […]

Aussie battle for justice in US University sex-case row

Aussie’s battle for justice in US university sex-case row Lewis McLeod in Sydney’s Barangaroo district yesterday. Picture: John Feder. Geoff Chambers Canberra Bureau Chief @Chambersgc Lewis McLeod’s life, career and ambitions were almost shattered by an unsubstantiated sexual misconduct claim in late 2013. The former Sydney Grammar vice-captain — now 27 — was within touching […]