The plight of boys in a misandrist world

Janet Albrechtsen, The Australian

It is not corrective justice to accuse all men of toxic masculinity or to claim all white people are privileged. 12:00AM June 29, 2019 767 Comments I worry more for my 19-year-old son than for my daughters, both in their early 20s. At a dinner party recently, a young woman told me that my son’s […]

Masculinity under siege in schools, politics, online

Kevin Donnelly, The Australian

Kevin Donnelly 12:00AM June 28, 2019 211 Comments Is there a crisis in masculinity? Based on an article by the American Jordan Black, “Masculinity in Menopause: The Emasculating Effects of Fatherlessness and Feminism”, the answer is yes. Black highlights how, across the Western world, falling levels of testosterone and low sperm counts are contributing to […]