Bettina Arndt’s new book #MenToo

From: Bettina Arndt Sent: Thursday, 6 December 2018 10:10 AM Subject: Mums love #MenToo… feminists not so much.   Hi Everybody, What a great start to promotion of my new book, #MenToo.  My interview on Tuesday with Channel 7’s Sunrise breakfast programme was a real surprise with two women interviewing me who were very sympathetic […]

SBS’s ‘sexism’ doco is just blatant propaganda

Bettina Arndt says the SBS documentary “Is Australia Sexist?’’ is the just the usual ideological spin we have come to expec­t from public broadcasters. Picture: Jonathan Ng “Sexism is rife in Australia.” That’s the headline for promotion of a forthcoming SBS documentary, Is Australia Sexist?, to be shown on December 4. The network promises a […]