Where courage is condemned – Ben Roberts-Smith VC

Sentry One Pty Ltd 10 June  ·  THE NATIONAL TREATMENT OF BEN ROBERTS-SMITH VC MG IS A DISGRACE, AND REFLECTS A GROWING NATIONAL ATTACK OF HEROISM – Dr Daniel J Mealey, Bach Biomed Sci, MBBS (Melb) ACEM (Cert) Afghanistan Veteran The Marxist agenda demands constant conflict. Man against woman, Loser against winner. Haves against have nots. Bourgeoisie […]

Fathers being “McIntoshed” again

The new proposals for the family court system, designed by Jennifer McIntosh and Claire Ralfe from Relationships Australia will have a devastating affect on shared parenting, especially for children 5 years  and under. Jennifer McIntosh was instrumental in developing her very limited research suggesting children under 4 needed a primary attachment to one parent, usually the […]