High Court dismisses international custody battle

Ashley Hall, ABC Updated

   ABC © Enlarge photo  Four young sisters at the centre of an international custody row have failed in their bid to have the High Court intervene in the dispute. The girls’ lawyer argued that the Family Court denied procedural justice when it failed to appoint legal representation for the girls before it determined they […]

Aiming for a fair share of parenting in split families

Susie O'Brien , Herald Sun

 WHERE it is possible and good for the kids, shared parenting is worth fighting for. Children have a right to be brought up by both parents. This means dads should have the same rights as mums. Source: HWT Image Library Two of Australia’s leading law experts last week questioned the value of shared parenting. The […]

The truth about women who commit domestic violence and child murders

Yuri Joakimidis

Family violence has, in recent years, been subjected to a very short sighted restricted analysis that is based on stereotypes of victims and abusers. Typically, the “victim” is depicted as a timid, oppressed female and the abuser is portrayed as a brutish, aggressive male that often assaults or even murders children. But such gender stereotypes are dangerous, and leave groups of people suffering and vulnerable because they do not fit the pigeon hole prescriptions that dominate family violence discourse and support organisations in our country.

Fatherlessness in Australia – Statistics

The Times - London

What happens to your children if you or your partner dies? It’s the kind of thought which goes through the minds of most parents now and again. As a parent you have probably taken out life insurance with such a possibility in mind, From time to time you have worried about the effect on your child – emotionally, socially and financially – of losing you or your spouse. You know that children above a certain age, never forget the death of a mother or father and you appreciate that this may affect them for the rest of their lives.

Divorce Hurts Children, Even Grown Ones

Jann Gumbiner, Ph.D., Psychology Today

 in The Teenage Mind – the internal experience of the young adult My parents’ divorce had lifelong effects on me and I am still feeling them.          In response to Mark Banschick’s September Psychology Today post, “The Intelligent Divorce,”  there is no such thing. Divorce is bad, plain and simple. I am a psychologist with an […]

Mother to repay wrong man’s child support

The Daily Telegraph

A MOTHER has been ordered to repay child support to a man she claimed was her son’s father after he discovered he cannot conceive.

For nine years the man believed the child was his after what he says was a “one-night stand”. He told a court he believed the mother manipulated the situation.

The woman was ordered to repay the $3730 he paid.

British Airways compensates man ‘humiliated’ over child seat policy

Dhruti Shah, BBC News

 Two years later and Australia now has its own version of airline seating discrimination with Virgin Australia. Read more here. Mirko Fischer said he worried what message was being sent to children Related Stories BA ‘victimises male passengers’ Seat row mother ordered off plane BA has compensated a passenger who was “humiliated’ over its policy […]