The Sexual Revolution Turns Ugly

Stephen Baskerville How many intellectuals have come to the revolutionary party via the path of moral indignation, only to connive ultimately at terror and autocracy? ∼ Raymond Aron The Sexual Revolution is now out of control. Initially promising freedom, like all revolutions, it has entered something like its Reign of Terror phase and is devouring its own children. […]

Child custody: one mother’s bitter lesson in sharing the kids with dad

Caroline Overington - The Australian

This was not one of those cases where the children had been ­abused and neglected, and therefore had to be removed from their mum’s care for their physical ­safety. She loved them very much and she made sure they were well fed and attending good schools, yet they now live, by court order, with their […]

Family Court chief’s health confession

Michael Pelly - The Australian

  Chief Justice of the Family Court John Pascoe When John Pascoe was sworn in as Chief Justice of the Family Court two weeks ago, he chose the occasion to publicly reveal his battle with an eye problem that has left him “technically blind” at ­periods over the past 10 years. The Chief Justice told […]

Reform the Family Law Act to Protect the Innocent

Augusto Zimmermann

The Turnbull government has ordered a comprehensive review of the family law system to ensure it can deal with cases of domestic violence and child abuse. The Australian Law Reform Commission will conduct a wide-ranging review of the Family Law Act, the first comprehensive examination since its introduction forty-two years ago. In the meantime, a […]

Sydney man plans to sue police after two years battling rape allegations

A ‘PRETTY young woman’ told police a false story that cost her husband $200,000 and two years clearing his name. Andrew Koubaridis@akoubaridis 3, 201712:19am The Sydney man’s life was turned upside down by the rape allegations.Source:Supplied EXCLUSIVE A SYDNEY man who battled for two years to clear his name of rape and assault allegations […]

‘Radical’ overhaul of commonwealth courts imminent

Nicola Berkovic - The Australian

‘Radical’ overhaul of commonwealth courts imminent Attorney-General Senator George Brandis said he had an “entirely open mind” on changes to the courts’ structure Nicola Berkovic Legal affairs correspondent Sydney @NicBerko “Radical” changes to the commonwealth law courts, in which the Family Court may be scrapped and folded into the Federal Court, could be implemented as […]

UK: CPS makes commitment to male victims of sexual and domestic abuse

  06/09/2017 The Crown Prosecution Service has published its first ever public statement recognising the needs and experiences of male victims of offences including rape, domestic abuse, harassment, stalking and child sexual abuse. Many male victims of these crimes never come forward to report them to the police. This can be for a variety of […]

UK: CPS to issue first-ever guidance for prosecutors on handling male victims of sexual and domestic abuse

Olivia Rudgard, Social Affairs Correspondent 6 September 2017 • 5:09pm Guidance for dealing with male victims of abuse will be sent to prosecutors for the first time as the CPS says they need specific protection in the same way as LGBT and black and ethnic minority people. Previously there had been no specialised guidance for […]

Outgoing Family Court chief justice Bryant in push to reform

Nicola Berkovic The Australian

  Diana Bryant. The nation’s system of three separate federal courts is not the most efficient way to administer justice and scrapping the Family Court could be one way to save money, says the court’s outgoing chief. As she steps down, Family Court chief justice Diana Bryant has called for the Family Law Act to […]

Family Court judge enters same-sex debate

Nicola Berkovic - The Australian

Children need to be raised in an environment where they are ­surrounded by happy, loving ­relationships, and it does not ­matter whether their parents are of the same sex or heterosexual, says the nation’s most senior ­family law judge. Family Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant, who has presided over many hundreds of disputes involving broken […]