SBS’s ‘sexism’ doco is just blatant propaganda

Bettina Arndt says the SBS documentary “Is Australia Sexist?’’ is the just the usual ideological spin we have come to expec­t from public broadcasters. Picture: Jonathan Ng “Sexism is rife in Australia.” That’s the headline for promotion of a forthcoming SBS documentary, Is Australia Sexist?, to be shown on December 4. The network promises a […]

Education – Professor Thinks Banning These Words Would Fix Free Speech on College Campuses

“Professors who hold unpopular positions or state inconvenient facts are now considered psychologically toxic,” says Amy Wax, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. One of her fixes: No one on campus should be allowed to accuse others of being racist, sexist, xenophobic, white supremacist, or the like. (Photo courtesy of Amy Wax) […]