NEW BOOK – Children of the State, Stolen for Profit

Author: Peter Van De Voorde Edited by: John Stapleton Today, every Australian child is at risk of being deprived of the protection of their biological family, because we have collectively failed to recognise the supreme guardianship powers of the State. Perceived legal rights to the protection of their own family, something everybody assumes parents and […]

Fatherhood by Conscription – USA

Michael J. Higdon

Fatherhood by Conscription: Nonconsensual Insemination and the Duty of Child Support Georgia Law Review, Vol. 46, 2012 University of Tennessee Legal Studies Research Paper No. 139 51 PagesPosted: 15 Feb 2011Last revised: 12 Oct 2017 Michael J. Higdon University of Tennessee College of Law Date Written: February 14, 2011 Download Paper: Abstract Nathaniel was a […]